Build your own chatbot with just enough JavaScript

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Would you like to learn how to code?
I would, but it's so hard!
🤯 Where do I start?
🤯 Why does it feel so abstract?
🤯 Why can't I understand any of it?
You're right, it's hard...
But we can make it easier!
💪🧠 We just need to use some educational research and neuroscience 🧠💪

In this tutorial, we'll learn some JavaScript, following these concepts for effective learning.


Build something real

We'll use concrete examples to build a chatbot


Write actual code

We'll manage cognitive load by learning just enough JavaScript


Understand the concepts

We'll use (micro) interleaving to link together ideas

If you enjoyed building this chatbot, and you are serious about coding, you might be a good fit for 💻Tech Collective!

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